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Pokémon Go APK

Pokémon Go APK

Pokémon go APK is the popular game which is the first time in the franchise and finally to land in android. The developer ingress with a title managed and show all the original magic of this Nintendo classic. Best thing install initial version. At the end of the result: an adventure where you will need and find to get outside and move around if what you really want/need is become a true Pokémon trainer. Any user who ever played ingress before will instantly know what you will need to do and will instantly understand what the real idea is behind Pokémon go APK. Who has not been played ingress have many issues either. Basically, the game city converts the city into a colossal video game scene where you will get interact. Thanks to GPS on your android, your averter along with you where you are going. That way you will get outside in order to capture.

It is a fantastic idea to find out those areas fully in order to find a water Pokémon. Do you need a plant Pokémon for your collection? Maybe it’s time to have difficulty. Similarly, whenever you want and find Pokémon which are mostly located at an interesting place like museums, art galleries, and historical sites where you able to gain your new items .it’s here you will also find and able to buy Poke balls and restock. Pokémon is great for Android it’s awesome in every sense of the universe. Pokémon goes APK content rating is everyone mild fantasy violence. This app is listed in the adventure category of an app store.

APK against Pokémon GO’s

The APK you’re downloading from an APK website is the basic version of the game you will only whenever you go into an original store and get more start-ups. If someone is sharing the false thing and rumor to other that they have no idea what they speared actually.

pokemon go
pokemon go

Is APK website safe for downloading Pokémon go APK?

Yes, APK website is, the famous one. In order to protect users from the fake one. Some websites Also Provide verification result publically which one can check? APK verification result contains some material is following.

  • Signature verification: Verify which user signed APK.
  • Certified fingerprints: They signature guarantees the file save or not to install.
  • File hashes: you verify the file it is corrupted or not and then start to download.

Information about APK

App Download Version 0.131.1
Last Updated Dec. 13, 2018
APK Size 95MB
App by Niantic, Inc.
Category Free Adventure App
Content Rating Everyone-Mild Fantasy Violence
Support Android Version Android 19 and above
App Package com.nianticlabs.pokemongo

The Latest App version is 0.131.1 which is last updated in Dec. 13, 2018. And this application about contains space size is 95MB. Published by Niantic, Inc. That is the free adventure game which is very easy to play every one mild in the fantasy of violence and supported android version is 19 and up.

How Pokémon Go APK Distributed?

An APK is an Android version which is an installation in Android devices android games. Whenever you download a file from the play store that saved in your Android phone as an APK file and you will install and enjoy it. The APK contains all basic assets to run the app, but the app can still download from backend to the developers. Whenever the developer uploads the new version of the APK the Google play store accept it and give us an updated option in our device/mobile phone. Therefore, some users receive updates before the others get and some others get it soon within some minutes and some hours later. Android user has built a number of websites where the other user share their updates soon and you can easily download the latest version of your APK. And if you want to get from Google play you have to leave the notification and wait for Google updates on the Google play store.

How to Install a Pokémon Go APK.

Setup your phone

  • Android 6.0+ and 7.0+
    before you can install an APK on your phone you will need to make some security adjustments. Go to Menu > Settings > Security >and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Android 8.0+
    On Android 8, you’ll be you’ll be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs the first time you attempt to do so. No need to toggle a global setting.

Download the APK

  • Head over to APK Mirror and fetch the latest version of Pokémon GO

 Install the APK

If you don’t believe us, please read Google’s official article

Permission to App

Pokémon Go APK requires the following permission.

  • Access to the vibrator.
  • Connect to pair Bluetooth devices.
  • Discover and pair Bluetooth devices.
  • Access precise location.
  • Access approximate location.
  • Write to external storage.
  • Open network sockets.
  • List of accounts in the Accounts Service.
  • Access information about networks.
  • Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • Read from external storage.
  • Access the camera device.
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks
pokemon go apk
pokemon go apk

Total Version of Pokémon Go APK

0.131.1 Dec. 13,2018
0.131.1 Dec. 11,2018
0.129.2 Dec. 7,2018
0.129.2 Dec. 3,2018
0.129.1 Nov. 30,2018
0.129.1 Nov. 27,2018
0.127.2 Nov. 22,2018
0.127.2 Nov. 16,2018
0.127.1 Nov. 14,2018
0.125.2 Nov. 13,2018
0.125.2 Oct. 31,2018
0.123.2 Oct. 30,2018
0.123.2 Oct. 26,2018
0.123.2 Oct. 15,2018
0.119.4 Oct. 12,2018
0.119.4 Oct. 3,2018
0.119.4 Sept. 29,2018
0.119.4 Sept. 27,2018
0.119.2 Sept. 17,2018
0.119.2 Sept. 15,2018

   Technical problems

At launch, the games suffered from frequent server outages due to extreme usage. After releasing the game frequent crashes and authentication problem faced because of more users for some days but after some days the problem solved. After releasing the game for two days user can’t create an account because of more traffic. Only Gmail based account can access the game to play. On 16 July a few hours after releasing the game in European countries, the game’s server temporary went down. Although the problem was fixed later that day. The very next day the server was again down when the game was launched in Canada. Some early IOS installs Go APK require users to provide the app with full access to their Google account. Thereby allowing the app to access players Gmail based email Google drive based files. Photo and video stored in Google stored. Recognizing that the IOS app, at the time.

 Impact on culture and community

The game was referred to as the social media market, which has brought people together from all walks of life. 231 million people engaged in 1.1 billion interactions that mentioned Pokémon Go APK on Facebook and Instagram in the month of July. The game was credited for popularizing AR and was praised by gender fluid groups for letting the players choose a “style” instead of “gender”. The “Pokémon Theme” from the animated series saw a 630% increase in listeners on music streaming platform Spottily during the month of the game’s release. meanwhile, streaming services such as Hulu experienced an increased viewership of the Pokémon series and films. Nintendo reported that sales of the 3DS Pokémon games rose as a result of the game’s popularity. A Twitch.tv channel, Twitch Plays Pokémon Go, was created that mimics the crowd-played Twitch Plays Pokémon channel, allowing viewers to direct a virtual avatar in the game using an iPhone programmed to spoof its location Niantic later issued permanent bans to those who cheated the game by means such as GPS spoofing and bots. Pokémon-themed pornography increased in popularity after the release of the game.


Pokemon go Apk downloads and revenue

Pokemon Apk is the most popular American ios app store game and it’s totally free. This game has become the speediest game to blow here. You can download this game in just single click so you can click the link below and download this game. Pokemon go Apk was downloading more than 10 million times within a week of release according to sensor tower. This game gets five awards in Aug 2016. Most revenue grossed by a mobile game in its first month to the game in 80 different counters. When you are a user of this game so you can also know game functions. In the U.S this game is played 55 million people. This game grossed an estimated $1000 million according to Sensor tower. All player spend an average of $2.4 million per day. Appropedia reported that on Sep 2018, the game had grossed over $2.8 billion fromin-app purchases. This game people referred to as a social media phenomenon which has brought people together from all walks of life.

Pokemon go Apk third-party services

The mostly third-party application was created to correspond with pokemon go. Another application goes chat which allows players to leave messages for other players at this game. This game launched on 22 July 2016. At its peak of popularity on the ios app store. We have used data directly from the game. In the 7 days following over website. Niantic announced monthly community event days which aimed to get the player to meet up their local areas in Jan 2018.

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