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Pokemon Go Apk latest versions
Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS

Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS

Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS

Pokemon go is world famous android and ios game which is developed by Ninatic Inc. It Allows users to collect the pokemon while they are moving. Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS help the users to increase the social presence and find new peoples which are around you. Pokemon go is a very innovative game for teenagers who played it on their mobile after downloading from below mention link. You can download both versions Android and iOS in easily step from below link. Pokemon go help the new places which you have not seen in the past or you have never visited.

pokemon go games download
Pokemon go games download

The idea behind the pokemon go is very unique. Most the game we played is the indoor game you just need to sit down own your couch and play and play, but this application has brought a innovation and I allow you to go out while playing and find new friends. This game is famous in the games which required outside working. I am going to provide the complete details here on how to play this game and how to get large numbers of pokemon go.

Guide How to play pokemon Go

Initially the pokemon go is release in the few countries but now it is available in all major countries of the world, That’s why this is world famous application. If this application is not available in your country then you need to download the apk from the below mention link. It is also included a guide on how to install it.

Due to the proper plan and development of this game, It has become an addictive game for everyone. Right now millions of players are playing and always remain in search to find new pokemon and grow the collection. While increasing the popularity of the game, It has been reported has negative activities has been done by the users but these activities do not affect its popularity.

Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS 2

Pokemon go apk download iOS bring the idea of Augmented Reality and which help them to work in real life features. Augmented reality features need high end of technology but pokemon go team used the internet for location and mobile camera and gyroscope sensor of mobile.

UX design of this application is great, full of features you will never see a lot of features in one apk at once. I am sure you will be impressed with the top-notch features and will recommend it to your friend and family members.


Pokemon Go features

  • Catch the egg and get buddy candy
  • Tap to walk
  • Fastest speed to walk, speed will maximize 2 Times, 4 Times and 8 Times
  • If the IV calculator, I will show you the all the Pokemon around you and you catch them easily.

Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS 1

How to play pokemon go apk

The gameplay of pokemon is simple and easy to understand,  but this application needs a lot of work. It is considered infamous games which work outside. You will need to go out and find the pokemon and collect them. When you got a lot of pokemon in your profile then and if you want to make it an authority profile then you need to fight with the other pokemon to get authority. It just like a war and the winner will get an empire.

There are multiples species of pokemon and getting them is a difficult task. These depend upon on the weather and environment of your area in which you are living. When you have different types of breed in your profile then you will get to authority.

Pokemon Go Apk Download iOS 2

  • The primary task is to collect the pokemon as much as you can. When you go out just lunch the application and start exploring.
  • When you find a new pokemon in your area, throw a ball with full force if your able to hit the poke, then it will come in your supervision.
  • Repeat the process until you found a large collection of same nature pokemon.

How to download the pokemon go apk

Go to below mention button and download the latest version. Pokemon go apk download ios is updating on daily basis and we are also updating as the new update comes.

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